Matthew D Jones

Fly Into School picnic at Nine Springs Golf Course, September 4, 2016

The REAL Ideas Candidate!

City Services

  • Strengthen solar power presence & encourage city to research more economically stable options for better utility service delivery.
  • Improve our parks facilities and create a “continuum of parks” in the City of Fitchburg by offering themed park attractions.
  • Expand farmers reach into the urban areas of the city by creating more “farm fresh” opportunities.
  • Encourage accessibility of service at our library, our senior center and our City Hall.


  • Strengthen metro bus service in terms of service network availability and frequency.
  • Improve our rural road network by making crucial repairs to main thoroughfares and making our roadways safer and more pleasant.
  • Expand transportation options for all city residents with more connections to employment centers and city services.
  • Encourage the use of the ride share program to be more responsive to rider demand in the urban areas and develop connections in the southern parts of the City.


  • Strengthen public outreach efforts with Fifth Tuesday Forums:
    Listening sessions with constituents at various places in the District 4 on every fifth Tuesday (quarterly).
  • Improve public participation events for large or small projects where public money is being offered.
  • Expand options for residents in southern part of the District 4 to be heard.
  • Encourage the right kind of development in all four corners of our city.

City Identity

  • Strengthen bicycle tourism and recreation in Fitchburg.
    “Fitchburg is the backbone of the region’s excellent state trail system.”
  • Improve controls on urban sprawl; develop infill sites.
  • Expand our city’s brand as a biomedical research center complemented with our rich agricultural history.
  • Encourage elevating the city’s status as bike friendly community and leverage it for more tourism revenue.